Why Bamboo Fabric?

Naturally Hypo-allergenic/Anti bacterial/Anti-fungal
- bamboo fabric retains the natural antibacterial quality of bamboo
- this quality reduces bacteria that thrive on clothing and cause unpleasant odor
- even after multiple washing, the fabric resists mould, mildew, fungi and dust mites
- this makes it suitable for those susceptible to eczema, hyper-sensitive skin and hayfever

Anti-static/Cuddly Soft
- silky texture does not cling to your baby's skin

Natural UV Protection
- blocks 98% harmful UV rays

Moisture Absorbent
- up to 4 times more absorbent than cotton
- excellent wicking ability absorbs and evaporates moisture away from skin

Thermal Regulator
- highly breathable in hot weather while insulating in the cold

100% Biodegradable
- bamboo fibre decomposes naturally without producing methane

Sustainable Growth
- an acre of land yields 10 times more bamboo than cotton

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